Do you love the idea of yoga, but worry that it’s not “enough” of a workout to get you into great shape? Are you intimidated by the idea of chanting, long meditation and slow, quiet music? We get it! Rebel Yoga & Barre was created to offer a space for non-traditional yoga practice; less meditation, more physicality. We strive to offer a unique experience for people looking to work hard toward physical strength and mental clarity.  

Take what you love about traditional yoga, add a dash of rebellion and a whole lotta sweat, and you’ve got Rebel Yoga and Barre.



Christina Hoffman
Rebel leader

Christina is a wife, mother, and yogi. She founded Rebel Yoga to contribute her unique voice and vision to the yoga community. Christina started her fitness journey in 1999. She worked in the aquatics field for the greater part of her career and found yoga by accident while sidelined with an injury she suffered while training for a marathon. She eventually began practicing rigorously, falling in love with the satisfaction and self-growth she felt every time she stepped off the mat. She realized she wanted to take her practice to the next level and became a certified teacher, but she never found herself fitting into the traditional yoga world. Christina wanted to feel free to express and live her practice and teachings according to her own terms. Hence, Rebel Yoga and Barre was born.  

“Yoga has given me the tools to be a better wife, mother, and friend, for that I will be forever grateful.” 

Ashley Davis

Sarah Petelle